Licensing Agreement

Download a copy of the agreement here for submission via e-mail to

In the interest of keeping things simple, the licensing agreement for Faces of Israel keeps legalese to a minimum. The director requests that the letter and spirit of this agreement be upheld by those who purchase and enjoy copies of the film.

Individual / Review – $36

If you want to enjoy the film on your laptop or home television, this is for you. An individual / review copy is meant entirely for home use. It is fine to invite a friend or two over to share the film, but if someone could apply the term “screening” to your movie night (if it is advertised, admission is charged, or more than a few friends and family members are watching) an institutional or screening copy is where you should be heading.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is no secret that institutions have purchased “personal” copies of other films and programs for institutional use. If it is found that an institution is using a personal copy of Faces of Israel for non-personal or classroom / organizational use, then that organization will be assessed a $2,000 fee along with return of the film, or legal action will be pursued. Regarding broken/defective copies, if a copy is found to be defective due to workmanship within one month of purchase, a new copy will be sent free of charge. After one month, defective institutional DVDs can be replaced for $25 each.

Institutional (Single Screening) – $275

This copy allows for a single screening of the film before your institution’s general audience. Admission may be charged, and the film will be returned following the screening. If the film is not returned within two weeks following the screening, the institution will be charged for an unlimited screenings license.

Institutional (Unlimited Screenings) – $450

This copy allows for unlimited screenings at one location and is ideal for the educational setting.

*No entrance fee may be charged for screenings paid for with an “unlimited screenings” copy. This copy is meant for long-term use in the classroom or other educational setting. The “one location” clause precludes an umbrella institution from purchasing a copy and screening it at various member/subsidiary sites. Each site requires a separate copy.

Director Presentation and Screening – $750 / $1,250

This amount covers the director’s speaking fee for events that are up to two hours long. The program may vary, but will include a presentation by the director, discussion of the film and a Q&A session with the audience. The school rate is $750 and the congregation / university / private institution rate is $1,250. Travel must be arranged separately.

Community-Wide Program – $2,500

This amount includes an institutional single screening and the director’s speaking fee for community-wide events hosted by a communal institution (e.g. Federation, JCC) and/or an event where there are two or more sponsors. This rate also applies to programming scheduled for the week prior to or following Yom HaAtzmaut is $2,500. Travel must be arranged separately.