International Shipping

This page is for international orders of Faces of Israel only.
For US orders, click here .

Not sure which option to choose?  We try to be sensitive to the current economic environment by keeping the program prices low and also offering tiered options.  Take a look at the Faces of Israel licensing agreement to read a description of the five available choices.

If you would like to order a copy of Faces of Israel without the director speaking fee, please sign the Faces of Israel licensing agreement. If you would like to book a Faces of Israel program with Amy Beth Oppenheimer, please complete the event booking agreement. Either document may be scanned and e-mailed to

International shipping for personal copies is $5, and is $10 for institutional copies.

Pay By Check

Faces of Israel
c/o Amy Beth Oppenheimer
3640 Johnson Avenue #4A
Bronx, NY 10463

Checks should be payable to “Amy Beth Oppenheimer – Faces of Israel”

Pay by Paypal
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Individual / Review Copy ($25) – Restrictions

*Requires a signed licensing agreement*


Institutional Copy ($275 – Single Screening )


Institutional Copy ($450 – Unlimited Screenings* )


Director Presentation and Screening – $725 / $1,000 / $1,250

This amount covers the director’s speaking fee for events that are up to two hours long. The program may vary, but will include a presentation by the director, discussion of the film and a Q&A session with the audience. The school rate is $725, the congregation rate is $1,000 and the university / private institution rate is $1,250. Travel must be arranged separately.

Community-Wide Program – $2,500

This amount includes an institutional single screening and the director’s speaking fee for community-wide events hosted by a communal institution (e.g. Federation, JCC) and/or an event where there are two or more sponsors.  This rate also applies to programming scheduled for the week prior to or following Yom HaAtzmaut is $2,500. Travel must be arranged separately.

Questions? Please contact the Faces of Israel team at