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Faces of Israel is an exciting educational program that explores the nature of Israel as a Jewish state today.  The program specifically focuses on questions of Jewish identity, religious pluralism and civil liberties in Israel.

Faces of Israel is highly interactive and comprises presentation, discussion and film-viewing.  Faces of Israel director Amy Beth Oppenheimer frequently travels to Jewish communities to present the program, facilitate conversation and spark dialogue about religion and state issues in Israel.

Faces of Israel includes a user-friendly curriculum with ideas and recommendations from the director, key background information, group activities, discussion questions by themed chapter and more.

The Faces of Israel program and curriculum are a springboard for conversations about:

-Jewish identity

-Israel as a Jewish state

-Religious Pluralism in Israel (Reform, Conservative and Orthodox)

-The Role of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate

-Recent Israeli government decisions and cultural trends

-The Rotem Bill and questions of Jewish status

-Civil liberties in Israel and the fight to legalize civil unions

-And more

The target audience for Faces of Israel is youth through adult education across the denominational spectrum.  Faces of Israel has been presented at middle schools, high schools, JCCs, synagogues, universities and summer camps across the country.

Each program has a slightly different focus and is tailored to the needs (interest and level) of the audience.

The goals of Faces of Israel are several-fold:

1)  Offer meaningful, honest and nuanced Israel programming

  • Reflect on different aspects of Jewish identity in the Jewish state
  • Provide content that doesn’t fall into the “falafel and Israeli music” or “politics and the conflict” categories
  • Engage students and adults who are eager to learn more about Israel or who have perhaps been turned off to traditional Israel programming

2)  Serve as an internal Jewish discussion piece to bring together diverse groups of people from across the denominational spectrum

  • Many events are co-sponsored by Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and pluralistic institutions

3)  Connect people to the many exciting changes and questions that are now presenting themselves in the young Jewish state

Faces of Israel is most frequently presented as a 1.5 hour program that combines presentation, discussion and film viewing.  In these programs, typically 3-5 chapters of the Faces of Israel film are presented to the audience and subsequently explored with the facilitation of the film’s director Amy Beth Oppenheimer.

Faces of Israel is often presented as an ongoing educational series.  In this capacity, Faces of Israel serves as a discussion tool or classroom resource.

Faces of Israel is occasionally presented as a traditional film-screening followed by discussion.  However, the “interactive” model of presentation is generally preferred as each chapter of Faces of Israel is content-rich, sparks audience discussion and can be viewed as a stand-alone piece.

Faces of Israel has been presented at over 200 institutions in North America and Israel with rave reviews, including synagogues, universities, JCCs, summer camps, schools, Federations and conferences.

For a list of places where Faces of Israel has been presented, visit www.facesthemovie.com/upcoming-programs/

To check out viewer feedback on Faces of Israel, visit www.facesthemovie.com/viewer-feedback/

Faces of Israel is entirely funded by director Amy Beth Oppenheimer who is very passionate about Jewish identity and Israel.  Faces of Israel does not receive support from any institutions, and does not promote a particular message.

Rather, Faces of Israel promotes thoughtful dialogue and understanding of religion and state issues in Israel.  For this reason, it has been praised and endorsed across the denominational spectrum.

To check out a list of endorsements from major Jewish leaders, visit


The Faces of Israel film footage runs 75 minutes and is divided into ten themed chapters including:

-Israel as a Jewish State

-The Role of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate

-Conservative and Reform Judaism in Israel

-Itim and Tzohar

-Civil Unions and Same-Sex Unions

-And More

There is also a special extras section called “Meet the Faces” where every interviewee shares a personal story, thought or message.

The Faces of Israel educational curriculum includes:

-An introductory letter from the director with recommendations on how to present the materials

-A breakdown of key background information about religion and state issues in Israel

-Program openers and group activities

-Discussion questions by themed chapter

-“Cheat sheets” on the Rotem Bill, Israeli Supreme Court and other topics

-Interesting articles for discussion

-Additional resources

To view a small sample of the educational materials, visit www.facesthemovie.com/educational-materials/

Over the past five years, Amy has delved into the complexities of religion and state issues in Israel through independent research, interviews, personal experience in Israel and professional lectures and writings.

Amy has served as a scholar-in-residence, guest lecturer and featured presenter at over 200 venues including high-profile universities, professional conferences and prominent Jewish institutions.  Amy has been cited as an expert in the field by various newspapers and Jewish leaders and has been published extensively, including a cover article for a national Jewish magazine.

For a list of places where Amy has presented, visit www.facesthemovie.com/upcoming-programs/

Amy is currently traveling the country with Faces of Israel and is available to visit your community in the coming year.  For questions about Amy’s itinerary, please contact her directly at director@facesthemovie.com

In order to be sensitive to the current economic environment, we try to keep programming costs low.  Additionally, we offer several pricing options in order to provide a fit for every type of budget.

The first two options include the Faces of Israel materials, whereas the last three also include a presentation by the director.

Faces of Israel Materials

1. $275 – One-time Faces of Israel screening or event (film & resources)

2. $450 – Purchase of Faces of Israel for unlimited use (film, resources & future educational updates)

Faces of Israel Presentation By Director Amy Beth Oppenheimer

3. Faces of Israel program facilitated by the director – includes film viewing, director presentation tailored to your group, publicity materials & up to two hours of teaching

    • $750 – Schools and Summer Camps
      • Materials can be purchased for a discounted $250
    • $1,250 – Synagogues, Universities and Private Institutions
      • Materials can be purchased for a discounted $250

4. Community-wide Faces of Israel program facilitated by the director – includes film viewing, director presentation tailored to your audience, publicity materials, moderated cross-denominational panel & up to two and a half hours of programming

  • $2,500 –    Sponsored by a communal institution (e.g. Federation, JCC) or cosponsored by two to four institutions. The program price can be shared between the sponsoring institutions and therefore with the addition of each participating institution, the costs to each are lowered.  This model is very successful because it motivates community institutions to partner for financial reasons, but also increases turnout and audience diversity and brings the community together for thoughtful conversation.
    • Materials can be purchased by each participating institution for a discounted $250.  If there are more than four sponsoring institutions, each additional institution contributes $250 toward the program.
  • $2,500 –    For programs the week prior to or following Yom HaAtzmaut

Per the Faces of Israel booking agreement, transportation and accommodations are covered by the hosting institution and coordinated with the director.  The director is flexible regarding accommodations and is happy to accept either hotel or home hospitality.

There are two quick steps to ordering Faces of Israel:

1-    Complete and return the Faces of Israel licensing agreement (www.facesthemovie.com/licensing-agreement/ )

2-    Visit www.facesthemovie.com/order to pay by check or credit card

If you would like to book director Amy Beth Oppenheimer for a speaking engagement or Faces of Israel presentation, please contact her at director@facesthemovie.com

Yes!  To download literature on Faces of Israel right click here and save. To download a high-resolution photo of Amy Beth Oppenheimer right click here and save.

Faces of Israel is a much better fit for programming than a film festival because the program is very interactive and combines presentation, interesting stories, dynamic discussion (65%) with screening of segments of the film footage (35%).

The best way to get a feel for the program is to speak with the director, chat with educators who have brought Faces of Israel and check out the Faces of Israel website.  The website is a fantastic resource with a lot of great information including endorsements, press reviews, viewer feedback, educational materials, movie trailer and more.

These things should give you a very strong feel for the program.  If you would still like to receive a DVD of the Faces of Israel film footage, we are happy to arrange for that.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide complimentary screeners, however we do offer review copies for $25.  We try to be as accommodating as possible and therefore allow the individual who places the order to keep the DVD as a personal copy following the review, as long as the licensing agreement is completed.

Yes!  Take a look at the Faces of Israel viewer feedback at www.facesthemovie.com/viewer-feedback/

Alternately, references are listed by category below.  More available upon request:


1- Rockland JCC – Laurie Hoffman – lhoffman@jewishrockland.org

2- Cherry Hill JCC – Sahar Oz – soz@jfedsnj.org

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Middle Schools:

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High Schools:

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And… (Reconstructionist, Renewal, Humanistic, etc.)

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Jewish Federations:

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Summer Camps:

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Any questions not answered?  Please contact the Faces of Israel team at info@facesthemovie.com