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Faces of Israel offers chapter select options and program themes including civil liberties in Israel, pluralism and identity within the Jewish community, interfaith families and conversion, and more. Choose the chapters that most interest you to tailor a recreational or educational program to your audience interests.

Chapter Breakdown:

1- Introduction: Opening credits, Ben Gurion’s Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel

2- Israel as a Jewish State: What does it really mean to have a Jewish and democratic state?

3- Role of the Rabbinate: What is the role of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate? In what ways if any is the Chief Rabbinate necessary in its current capacity?

4- Civil Unions in Israel: Should civil unions be legalized? Why or why not?

5- Alternatives to the Rabbinate: Who are Tzohar and Itim? What services do they provide? Are they really alternatives to the Rabbinate?

6- Dynamics and Dilemmas: What is the relationship between the Chief Rabbinate, Tzohar and Itim? What is the future of these organizations?

7- Meet the Rabbinate: Go behind the scenes in the Rabbinate office and explore the marriage process. Featuring an exclusive interview with Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger.

8- Masorti and Reform Judaism in Israel: What are the activities of the Conservative and Reform movements in Israel today? What are their communities like and should Israeli society accommodate other denominations of Judaism?

9- Homosexuality and Same Sex Unions: Should same-sex unions be legalized? What do the Chief Rabbinate and the Israeli public think about the prospect of same-sex unions? What are some of the challenges endured by this community?

10- Visions and Ideas for the Future: Israelis share their hopes, dreams and “next steps” for the future