Amy Beth Oppenheimer, Director

Amy is the creator and director of Faces of Israel, and is an expert speaker on religion and state issues in Israel today.  Over the past three years, Amy has presented Faces of Israel at over 250 institutions in North America and Israel with rave reviews.  Faces of Israel is Amy’s first fully-developed educational program and documentary film.

While Amy’s passion for film is new, her love of Israel dates back to her first trip there as a young child.  Amy has been involved in the Jewish community in many capacities, from guest lecturer appearances at conferences and universities across the country to facilitating community-wide programming in the larger Jewish community.

Growing up, Amy experienced two distinct types of Israel programming: one that focused on political advocacy, dialogue groups and the conflict, and another that offered falafel and Israeli music on Israel Independence Day.  Amy felt that both types of programming had their place, but there wasn’t a lot of meaningful content offered in between.  One of her motivations in creating Faces of Israel was to create an internal discussion piece for the community to explore the nature of the Jewish state and questions of Jewish identity in a real and thoughtful way.

Amy is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University where she pursued a degree in International Relations and Jewish Studies.  Amy worked in management consulting for two years following graduation while putting the finishing touches on Faces of Israel.  Amy was raised in Leonia, New Jersey with her parents and two sisters. She attended the Frisch School in Paramus, New Jersey for high school, followed by a year of religious study at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem.

Amy just completed two years of full-time RVing the United States, bringing exciting educational programming to Jewish communities across the spectrum.  Amy is currently based in Austin TX, where she continues to guest-lecture, travel with Faces of Israel, incubate new projects and express her creative side through dance, film and volunteer service.  Bring Amy and Faces of Israel to your community today!  Contact Amy at