Faces of Israel: Not Politics. Not Falafel, and Everything in Between.

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What would it be like to live in a country that by definition does not make a distinction between ’synagogue and state’?

Just decades ago, David Ben Gurion publicly declared ‘the establishment of a Jewish state… to be known as the State of Israel.’  But what does it mean to be a Jewish state?  Do these two characterizations, ‘democratic state’ and ‘Jewish state’, work well together?  What happens when they don’t?

Faces of Israel is an interactive and highly-reviewed educational program that combines presentation, news updates, questions, stories and dynamic discussion with film segments exploring the Jewishness of the State of Israel and religion and state issues in Israel today. The program has been called “powerfulmaturehonestsophisticated ,” and “a must see”, and serve as an excellent springboard for discussions about Jewish identity, religious pluralism, civil liberties in Israel and more.

Faces of Israel is divided into 10 themed chapters, including:

-Israel as a Jewish State
-Role of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate
-Civil Unions in Israel
-Itim, Tzohar and the Dati LiUmi Community
-Masorti and Reform Judaism in Israel
-Homosexuality and Same Sex Unions in Israel
…and more

Faces of Israel is accompanied by a full educational curriculum and is appropriate for middle school through adult audiences.  An institutional copy provides complete access to the Educational Materials section of the website, which offers extensive background information, programming ideas, discussion questions, and links to additional resources.

Amy Beth Oppenheimer, the director of Faces of Israel, is available to travel to your community and present the program.  Thank you for your interest and enjoy!